The Center for Pain Management

Welcome to the Center for Pain Management

Pain – The fifth Vital Sign

Pain is the single most common complaint that takes a patient to a Physician anywhere in the World. Given its universal nature and importance, the assessment and treatment of pain have become an essential part of patient care; so much so that pain has been incorporated as the fifth vital sign to be evaluated along with temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure.

We Understand Pain

We at the center for pain management realize the importance of pain and its detrimental effects on the health and lifestyle of people affected by it. It is our mission to provide pain relief to everyone in a compassionate, comprehensive and professional manner. We believe that a multi-disciplinary and multi-modality treatment approach is the best way to deal with the complex entity of pain. We also believe that restoring function and returning patients to their normal lives is just as important as pain relief. The treatment modalities we use include Interventional procedures, Physical therapy, Psychological, Pharmacological and Surgical therapies.  We provide comprehensive pain management services for patients in any kind of pain.


To provide pain relief to all patients in a compassionate and comprehensive manner with quality of care as our guiding principle.